1. Here we are buds, week 2 of my inktober drawings! Each drawing has captions if you wanna know more about ‘em~

  2. Round up of my inktober drawings for Week 1! I’m WAY more dedicated to making these look more finished than last year’s, so stay tuned! I’ll update the inktobers weekly here :)

    If you wanna see me update them daily(ish), follow me on instagram or twitter!

  3. Last year at Long Beach Comic-Con, I made the mistake of selling a piece of Welcome to Night Vale fanart that I’d made. Back then, I didn’t know they were against that, and to be honest I probably shouldn’t have been doing that anyway. This year I decided to donate all the sales from that print directly to Welcome to Night Vale, and here is me making good on that promise! The sales really added up to like $72 but I bumped it up more so I can get those sweet postcards, haha.

    Anyway, that is all! If you are currently selling WTNV fanart, please reconsider. And if you love the show, do consider donating, they do such a great job.

  4. mrjakeparker:

    Inktober is a week away and I’ve been getting lots of questions about what tools I use and recommend for inking. So I made a list of the essentials.

    Go to www.mrjakeparker.com/inktober for Inktober rules and resources. #inktober

    1. Pigma Micron
      The best pen to start inking with. They have a tough felt tip that draws a firm mark and are great for understanding the basics of laying a line down.
    2. Uni Pin Pen
      An alternative to the Pigma. Tips feel a little looser.
    3. Pigma Brush Pen
      A good intro to drawing with a looser line. Tip is felt and can fray over the course of several drawings. Is recommended for larger drawings. Hard to get detailed with it.
    4. Kuretake Fudegokochi Brush Pen - Regular
      This is a molded felt tip which means it’s sturdy like the Pigmas but you get a more expressive line like the brush pens. Ink is nice and dark.
    5. Pentel XFL2L Scientific Brush - Medium Size
      This pen is a great introduction to drawing with a brush tip. It’s tip is composed of nylon fibers and are filled with aqueous dye-based inks and dry extremely dark. You can get the finest of lines and the thickest of strokes with this. Pentel also has these in two other sizes I believe. Plus it has ink refills.
    6. Pentel Pocket Brush Pen
      My work horse. Also a nylon brush tip, it offers a smooth and powerful line and can also give you fun expressive lines too. I’ve been drawing with this pen for years and it holds up to a beating, yet will still give you a fine delicate line if you need it. I highly reccommend it.
    7. Kuretake No. 13 Fountain Brush Pen
      I just got this pen and it’s beautiful. The lines are rich yet sharp. It’s great for details and broad strokes. The pen has a little more weight to it so you feel like you’re actually holding something. The fine nylon bristles have a satisfying snap to it allowing you to intuitively move from thick to thin. I love it.
    8. Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Water Colour Brush size 1This is what brush pens wish they were. This is the gold standard, Rolls Royce of inking tools. It’s the brush Bill Watterson drew Calvin and Hobbes with. No nylon, synthetics, or plastic here, just wood, metal, and hair. There’s nothing quite like drawing with one. The ONLY draw back is you have to dip is in ink, which can get tedious, especially while under a deadline.

    (via gabbiegallery)

  5. Another Long Beach Comic-Con has come and passed! It was a fantastic year for Kelly and me, so thank you all SO MUCH for supporting us and stopping by to say hello!

    One of my personal highlights of the con was doing “ugly portraits” for everybody! Most people commented that they weren’t ugly enough, and… yeah, okay, I didn’t achieve the level of ugliness I usually got in the ugly portraits I did for my facebook friends, but it’s much harder to uglify such DARN CUTE strangers!! I’ll definitely step it up next time though ;D

    Oh yeah, and did I mention that there was a PERFECT SANSA cosplayer wandering around? And that she posed with my Sansa print?! Swoon city~~

    Anyway thanks again so much for all your love and support for our artwork! I only hope we can continue to bring you all some joy with our little doodles :D

  6. It’s that time of year again, folks! Long Beach Comic-Con time!!
    (Actually, Long Beach Comic-Con came like 2 months early this year, so it’s not REALLY that time of year, it’s the same event just earlier, OKAY MOVING ON)

    For the third year in a row, Kelly and I will be at Artist Alley in Long Beach Comic-Con! I’ll be selling prints of all sizes, little buttons, and sketch commissions—including ugly portrait sketches! Kelly will be selling prints of her own beautiful work as well as doing sketch commissions! Come out and say hello to us :)

  7. Lovely lady vampire getting ready to paint the town red ;)

  8. I actually designed the three Stark children pieces to work as a triptych of sorts! It was an interesting exercise, trying to make them work separately but also as a series. 

  9. She’s a modern witch with places to go and people to see!

    This will be available as a print at Long Beach Comic-Con as well :)

  10. Arya Stark - The Lunging Wolf

    Part three of my three Stark kids :’) They’re all survivors in their own unique ways, but Arya has definitely had to get her own hands dirty the most!